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Repair of Protruding Ears

Ear Pinning

Cosmetic surgery of the ears

Baltimore Plastic Surgery

Protruding ears are a congenital abnormality where the ears sit further away from the skull, resulting in the appearance of large prominent and protruding ears.

The condition is a result of faulty development of the natural folds of the ear and an increase in the depth of the ear. Correction of prominent ears is usually done at an early age, before the psychological trauma resulting from teasing as a child. However many prominent ears remain not repaired till adulthood at which time the patient seeks cosmetic surgery for personal and body image reasons.

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Correction of prominent ears is the procedure to alter the prominent ears. The surgical procedure is usually done under local anesthesia with or without sedation. Correction involves the creation of the natural folds of the ear creating a shallow ear and pinning the ear back towards the skull.

After the surgical procedure is completed the patient is dressed, so that the ears are covered completely to protect the repair. This dressing or similar dressing is kept on for three weeks to allow for complete healing.

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Pain and discomfort is mild and controlled with mild analgesics. Complications are rare, but could occur and result in delayed healing, collection of blood, and the skin infection.

Choosing a qualified, experienced plastic surgeon and the appropriate facility will minimize unwanted side effects.

Dr. Shureih is a Board Certified Plastic surgeon, with certificate of advanced education in cosmetic surgery. He was chosen TOP DOC in Baltimore Magazine, and named TOP DOC in The National Directory of TOP DOCS.