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Shaped Breast Implant

Breast > Shaped Breast Implant


Breast enlargement surgery requires a highly skilled plastic surgeon with a sense of artistry to achieve the ultimate results of feminine beauty and sensuality.

The availability of the shaped highly cohesive implants expands the options of implant choice to meet the patients profile and three dimensional aspect of the female breast. The new shaped implant addresses the fullness in the upper pole, the width of the lower pole and the projection of the breast.

The shaped implant is available in three footprints Round, oval and oblong. All come in three types of projection, low profile, moderate projection and high projection. These varieties give the patient and surgeon the chance for a unique choice of implant shape that fits the anatomy of the patient for a superior outcome.

The shaped implant has :

1) High strength cohesive silicone gel
2) Low bleed barrier
3) Smooth surface
4) Unique textured surface and smooth surface implants

The Gummy Bear Breast Implants hold their shape and add another dimension to the augmented breast.

They also add to the safety of silicone breast implants. They do not leak like the traditional silicone gel implants. Because of the nature of the gummy bear implants, they hold their shape well and require a slightly longer incision to place.

To get more information about the gummy bear breast implants, call Dr. Shureih for appointment whether you want new breast augmentation, breast enlargement or wish to change your present old implants to the new technology implants.

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